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Blood Cancer Treatment

Broad group of cancers that adversely affect blood, bone marrow and lymphatic system, come under the umbrella term"Blood cancer". Blood cancer targets production and function of the blood cells, being produced in the bone marrow. Stem cells present in the bone marrow mature to form three types of blood cells:RBCs, WBCs and platelets.  Under normal circumstances, the blood cells are produced efficiently in the bone marrow, however, when blood cancer ensues, abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cancer affected type of cell leads to the impaired production and function of the rest of the blood cells also, that are being produced and developed in the bone marrow. Functions such as prevention of infection and serious bleeding get severely impaired.

There are three main types of blood cancer namely:

​Leukemia: A type of blood cancer that affects white blood cells. Abnormal uncontrolled production of immature white blood cells in the bone marrow not only crowd the bone marrow excessively but also compromise its function in producing other blood cells that are important for a healthy immune system and blood.

Lymphoma: A type of blood cancer that adversely affects the lymphatic system. A type of blood cells, Lymphocytes, grow uncontrollably and with a long life span. They overload the system thereby compromising its vital function of endowing immunity to a person and keeping infections and diseases at bay.

Myeloma: A type of blood cancer that adversely affects plasma cells that are responsible for production of antibodies in order to fight infection. They are present in bone marrow. Uncontrolled production of abnormal plasma cells in the bone marrow compromise the bone marrow from carrying out its normal function.


The common treatment modalities for a blood cancer encompass Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and stem cell or bone marrow transplant. The treatment whether carried out alone or in combination, is determined by the type of cancer, its stage and intensity and general condition of the patient. 

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Leukemia Blood Cancer treatment

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