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Da Vinci Minimally Invasive Robotic Heart Surgery

Low Cost Robotic Heart Surgery in India

Da Vinci Minimally Invasive Robotic Heart Surgery

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Robotic heart surgery has revolutionized the way complex heart surgeries are being successfully done.The heart surgeon uses a computer console to maneuver the surgical instruments attached to the robotic arms. The cardiac surgeon is in absolute control of the FDA approved state of the art Da vinci Robotic surgical system and uses it to his advantage in performing the surgery with extensive range of motion, comprehensive view of the surgical field and high precision. It is a minimally invasive surgery, also known as closed chest cardiac surgery with few small incisions.


Components of the Robotic surgical system

Robotic surgical system consists of the 3 major components


  • 3D view of the surgical field that enables the perception of the depth of the field, offers magnification and high resolution. It leads to enhanced visualization and access of the surgical area.

  • Surgical instruments attached to the robotic arms that resembles precise movements of the hands and wrist of the cardiac surgeon, offer great range of motion and does away with the surgeon’s hand tremors and  hence advantageous.

  • Master control that let the surgeon control and manipulate the surgical instruments as required resulting in more precise and scaled movements of the instruments that are translated from the natural hand and wrist movements of the surgeon.




Q1. What are the benefits of Robotic Heart surgery?


A1. The Robotically assisted heart surgery,minimally invasive surgery for various heart disorders including the complex ones, offers the following benefits to you:

  • Small incisions,Breast bone is kept intact
  • Less trauma, therefore less pain and its medication.
  • Minimal blood loss. Rarely needs blood transfusion.
  • Surgery with extreme precision
  • Minimal scarring. Aesthetically good.
  • Quick recovery
  • Short hospital stay
  • Early resumption of activities
  • Reduced risk of infection.

​For your surgeon it is equally beneficial in terms of performance and its outcome as the surgery can be carried out with 

  • Extreme precison and accuracy.

  • Enhanced visualization of the surgical area

  • Facilitates full range of motion inside the surgical area and better access


All of the above translating to reduced complications and better outcome.


​Q2 Who can get Robotic heart surgery done?


A2 Robotically assisted heart surgery is a minimally invasive surgery and has an edge over the traditional surgery in many ways, however, the decision will be taken by the surgeon as to which approach would be the most suitable for you.

It is recommended for various heart conditions such as:

  • Damaged valve repair and replacement such as in Mitral Valve Disease Robotic Surgery

  • Atrial Fibrillation, a type of rhythm disorder of heart

  • Removal of a tumor in the heart

  • As an alternative to artery bypass procedure

  • Congenital heart conditions

  • and others as deemed necessary by your cardiac surgeon.

Q3 How is Robotic Surgery done?


A3 Apparently, you may think and wonder whether the surgery is being performed by a robot and where the surgeon would be. Do not worry. The surgeon is in full control of the surgery, it is just that he is controlling the robotic system and making use of its most advanced features to his advantage. It gives more power to the surgeon. The surgeon sits on a specialized computer console few feet away from the patient and maneuvers the specialized tiny surgical instruments attached to the robotic arms. 


Few small incisions or ports(openings) are made in between ribs to pass the micro surgical instruments and miniature video camera attached to the robotic arms, through them. He visualizes the enhanced, 10 times more magnified and high resolution 3D images of the surgical area in the monitor, through lenses. Foot pedals control the camera and surgeon can change the view as per his need. He maneuvers the instruments with extreme precision and accuracy. The best part is that the robotic system allows the surgeon to overcome the limitations of his wrist movement, possible hand unsteadiness or tremors and fatigue.


Q4 What do you mean by Da vinci?


A4 Da vinci is the brand name given to the Robotic surgical system designed by an American company "Intuitive Surgical". It is being increasingly used for several different types of minimally invasive surgeries performed in various medical disciplines such as gynaecological, urological, prostate surgeries and cardiac surgeries amongst others. It is FDA approved.


Q5 Are there any contraindications to Robotic Heart surgery?


A5 The conditions under which your specialist may advise against robotic heart surgery may include but not limited to:

  • Prior heart surgery done on right side of the chest

  • Impaired arteries of the leg 

  • In case of multiple heart procedures being done at the same time


Q6 Is it costlier than conventional open heart surgery?


A6 The cost of Robotic heart surgery in India as such is way less than what you will pay in countries such as USA, that too without any compromise on the quality of the surgery. Robotic heart surgery is done by globally trained, highly experienced Robotic heart surgeons with good success rate and employing cutting edge technology. The state of the art infrastructure at the JCI accredited world class hospitals in India is at par with those available in countries like USA.
As far as cost of Robotic heart surgery is concerned in comparison to the cost of conventional open heart surgery, it is bit expensive but that is balanced by cost saved due to shorter hospital stay, minimal or no need for blood transfusion and early resumption of work. Moreover, it has better outcome in terms of quick recovery, less pain and aesthetically good.
Its a total win win situation.

Benefits of Robotic Heart Surgery in India

  • Most affordable cost coupled with high quality.

  • World class hospitals with state of the art infrastructure.

  • Hybrid Operating rooms/Surgical suites equipped with cutting edge diagnostics, minimally invasive and robotic technologies that are FDA approved.

  • No waiting period

  • Globally trained Cardiac Surgeons with ample experience in carrying out the surgery with competence and ease.

  • Great ambience

  • Compassionate staff to look after

  • Hospitals accredited with international organizations such as JCI(Joint commission International) for quality standards.

  • Language no barrier. English speaking people and if required, translators are available for your convenience

  • Most economical accommodation available at a walking distance from the hospital. Wide range of options starting from guest house, service apartments to five star hotels, best suited to your budget and choice.

  • Good flight connectivity

  • India has a diverse and rich cultural heritage. You can witness its beauty and uniqueness. It offers most conducive environment for recuperation.


Dr Naresh Trehan
MBBS, Diplomat(American Board of Cardiac Surgery),Diplomat(ABS)
Chairman and Managing Director,Heart Institute, Division of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery)
Medanta,The Medicity,Gurgaon, Delhi-NCR

Dr Manoj Luthra
MBBS,MS(General Surgery),DNB(General Surgery), MCh(Cardiac Surgery)
Director,Heart Institute
Jaypee Hospital,Noida,Delhi-NCR
Ex Senior registrar,Cardiac surgery(NHS,UK)
Fellowship in coronary artery surgery at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (Sydney,Australia
Visiting fellowship in cardiac transplantation from Cleveland Heart Clinic,USA.


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